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106 Ways to Deal with Grief, Author Kathy Briant

Shannon’s mom Kathy Briant has written a little book “106 Ways to Deal with Grief”, full of short, easy to understand statements – nuggets of wisdom and comfort for those dealing with the worst experience in anyone’s life – the death of a loved one.  Going through the agony of losing a daughter and the resulting grief that occurred, now Kathy wants to help others. Wonderful for someone in grief and great for those who want to understand the grieving person.  If you don’t know what to do for someone grieving, buy them this book!

Available for purchase at Self Connection Books (Bowness and Willow Park) locations, Soul Food Books Etc. in Calgary (213-19 Street N.W.), and Bentley’s Books in Cochrane. Also available for purchase online on Kathy’s website: and on, a website I did for my daughter, Shannon Morgan. Read more about my journey and hers in “About Shannon” and view her wonderful art.  I am looking for homes for her 200 pieces, so perhaps you would like one. Or, you may have an idea for me about where I can exhibit/sell Shannon’s art, in which case please contact me through the website. Thanks.

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